Enterprise-Class IT Protection For SMBs

Nearly every small- to mid-size business (SMB) in operation today runs the bulk, or entirety, of its workflow on computerized systems. Those IT systems allow companies like yours to increase efficiency and compete head-to-head with similar businesses throughout the world.

The downside to your IT environment is that it must be secured, or everything—your data, workflow, and confidential client information is at risk.

How Does Your Company Guard Against Risk

Internal Corporate Espionage
Malicious Hacking
Unauthorized access to your data

Preserving authorized restrictions on information access and disclosure.

How would your business know if it's sensitive information has had unauthorized disclosure?

Preserving authorized restrictions on information access and disclosure.

Guarding against improper information modification or destruction.

Do You Know How much risk your business' information system face?

Guarding against improper information modification or destruction.

Ensuring timely and reliable access to and use of information.

Are You Prepared For Extended Downtime? Could you recover if you were offline for weeks?

Ensuring timely and reliable access to and use of information.

"Layered Risk & Support"

Is the next step in reducing risk to your mission-critical data and workflow. At LBT Technology Group, we optimize your technology, mitigate your cybersecurity risk footprint, and improve your cyber resilience. No aspect of your IT use is left out as we deploy protective protocols across each layer of your information system.

Internet Layer

"Securing your data traffic"

Network Layer

"Protecting against lateral attack"

People Layer

"Protecting identities and accounts plus cybersecurity training"

Application Layer

"Employing proper software management"

Device Layer

"Protecting individual machines from becoming a target"

Data Layer

"Secure and protect sensitive information"

The Four IT Risk Modifiers

1 in 3 Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Fall Victim to a Data Breach.
  • Business
  • Business
  • A target of many attacks (high)
  • Potential for a targeted attack (medium)
  • A target of opportunity (low)
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  • People
  • People
  • Compromised Accounts
  • Poor Identity Management
  • Missing Employee Cybersecurity Training
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The key to overall risk mitigation is building an appropriate plan!
Compare Your Options

“What is the difference?”

IT Support
Managed Services
Managed Risk & Support
(Reactive) Remote Support
Predictable Monthly Cost
Less Downtime, Greater Productivity
24/7 Network Performance Monitoring
IT Consulting (vCIO)
Microsoft 365 Security
Total Email Protection
Darkweb Scanning & Monitoring
Cybersecurity Awareness Training
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Business Email Compromise

Do You and Your Employees Know?

Client Stories
“LBT Technology Group helped us migrate our email to Office 365 seamlessly. Our employees didn't miss a beat during the entire process. If you have a desire to move your email to Office 365, we recommend consulting LBT Technology Group for a smooth transition.”
Felix Saunders

Felix Saunders President

“We were recommended LBT Technology Group by one of our business neighbors after our server was hit with ransomware. They were able to recover much of our files and now provide us with a reliable backup program. LBT was able to save us from what could have been the cause of us closing our doors for good.”
Cindy Soar

Cindy Soar Program Director

"As a small business, LBT Technology Group was able to implement the services and solutions required to meet our day-to-day business needs. They have been very responsive to any IT problems we have big or small."
Kelli Millian

Kelli Millian Office Manager

"It has been a pleasure working with the team at LBT. Although apprehensive to partner with a group outside of our organization, it became immediately clear we made the right decision to work the LBT Technology Group. They were able to identify and fill gaps in our technology we didn't know existed."
William Keen

William Keen IT Manager

"It was a pleasure working with LBT Technology Group during our time of panic. When we were forced to go 100% remote at the beginning of the pandemic, LBT was able to get all of our employees connected and working from home in a matter of hours. We are very thankful for the team's hard work."

Dan Parsons Director of Operations

"We are a small startup non-profit organization and LBT helped us create a great foundation for our technology. After assessing our needs, they recommended productive and collaborative tools we will grow into and not out of."

Jasmine Yule Founder

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