Simplifying Your IT Equation

Simplifying Your IT Equation

WHY LBT Technology Group, LLC. (LBT)

As we navigate our ever-evolving cyber society, we believe providing comprehensive information technology (IT) services to SMBs is essential. We use our passion for technology and unique "Layered Risk & Support" framework to optimize your technology, mitigate the persistent cybersecurity risk to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information systems, and improve your cyber resilience. We're a managed services provider (MSP) who simplifies your IT equation.

LBT is veteran-owned, federally registered, and founded in 2015 with a mission to be the leader in developing and delivering superior-cost effective comprehensive solutions that eliminate the IT concerns of our clients allowing them to shift focus away from their technology risk and back to growing their business.

As technology advances and organizations leverage its potential, risk to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability to information systems grows. IT risk, whether inherent or residual, is a constant presence in every business and often stem from human error and neglect, device failure, mismanagement, poor handling of technology-related processes and events, bad actors that may exploit an information security vulnerability, and other events that can emerge within any organization. Unfortunately, small to mid-size organizations frequently overlook these risks due to limited knowledge and resources necessary to establish a robust cybersecurity risk management & recovery framework. Considering the growing sophistication of cyber threats, organizations can ill afford to disregard the importance of implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity risk management & recovery program.

At LBT, we help clients improve their cybersecurity readiness by boosting their risk hygiene, strengthening their disaster recovery strategies, and optimizing their IT infrastructure. The process of managing and mitigating risks via careful planning, guidelines, policies, and decisions across various sectors encompasses our unique Layered Risk & Support framework. Our solution aims to prevent ransomware attacks before they happen, but, if that is unsuccessful, our highly efficient recovery solution can save your organization from further disaster. We believe the ability to recover from a ransomware attack or disaster quickly, enabling organizations to avoid downtime, business disruption, and taking huge financial hits is as important to your business as building the best protection against them.


Although our solutions stretch across any industry or market, we specialize in working with Construction, Employee Staffing, Engineering, Finance, Fitness Clubs, Food & Drink, Landscaping, Legal, Manufacturing, Non-profit, Publishing, Retail, and Tax enterprises successfully achieve their business missions and functions. We facilitate securing organizational assets from the myriad threats that exist in today’s digital environment and prepare them for tomorrow’s. We identify risk tolerance and manage threats to users when information systems process personal identifiable information (PII) and electronic protected health information (ePHI).

As many privacy risks arise from unauthorized activities that lead to the loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of PII/ePHI, other privacy risks result from authorized activities involving the creation, collection, use, processing, storage, maintenance, dissemination, disclosure, or disposal of PII/ePHI that prevent organizations from meeting its mission or business objectives. The information security and privacy programs implemented for our clients have complementary aims for managing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their PII/ePHI and intellectual property (IP) that maintain operations uninterrupted.

Our Vision

To be the leader in developing and delivering superior - cost effective comprehensive solutions that eliminate the IT concerns of our clients, shifting their focus away from their technology risk and back to growing their business. Our Commitment to Service, Passion for Technology, and Eagerness to accept and complete complex challenges that exceed the integrity and service expectation of our clients make us the company of choice. Meanwhile, building strong, reputable relationships in the communities we serve.

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Clients' Stories
“LBT Technology Group helped us migrate our email to Office 365 seamlessly. Our employees didn't miss a beat during the entire process. If you have a desire to move your email to Office 365, we recommend consulting LBT Technology Group for a smooth transition.”
Felix Saunders

Felix Saunders President

“We were recommended LBT Technology Group by one of our business neighbors after our server was hit with ransomware. They were able to recover much of our files and now provide us with a reliable backup program. LBT was able to save us from what could have been the cause of us closing our doors for good.”
Cindy Soar

Cindy Soar Program Director

"As a small business, LBT Technology Group was able to implement the services and solutions required to meet our day-to-day business needs. They have been very responsive to any IT problems we have big or small."
Kelli Millian

Kelli Millian Office Manager

"It has been a pleasure working with the team at LBT. Although apprehensive to partner with a group outside of our organization, it became immediately clear we made the right decision to work the LBT Technology Group. They were able to identify and fill gaps in our technology we didn't know existed."
William Keen

William Keen IT Manager

"It was a pleasure working with LBT Technology Group during our time of panic. When we were forced to go 100% remote at the beginning of the pandemic, LBT was able to get all of our employees connected and working from home in a matter of hours. We are very thankful for the team's hard work."

Dan Parsons Director of Operations

"We are a small startup non-profit organization and LBT helped us create a great foundation for our technology. After assessing our needs, they recommended productive and collaborative tools we will grow into and not out of."

Jasmine Yule Founder

"We received a complimentary assessment from LBT and after reviewing our results, it was clear we needed the help of professionals to bring our organization in compliance. Not only was LBT able to bring us up to code, they have been a delight to work with."

Josh Plain Executive Director

"We were provided a free audit of our IT environment, by LBT, and learned our current IT partner has not been providing us the service promised. Thanks to LBT we were able to get them on track and are now able to monitor their progress using our audit report."

Jamie Surtra VP of Operations

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