If you suspect deceit, hit DELETE!

If you suspect deceit, hit DELETE!

Email is a critical communications tool - downtime means a loss of productivity, possible compliance and regulatory issues related to data loss, and even lost revenue, so, minimizing this risk is an increasingly important part of a company’s messaging infrastructure and of its disaster prevention and recovery strategy.

In today’s complex cyberthreat environment, you need an email protection solution that delivers comprehensive security against sophisticated attacks. LBT's Email Protection, powered by Barracuda Networks, provides complete, cloud-based protection against advanced targeted attacks, helps ensure email continuity, and prevents data loss by continuously scanning outbound messages.

Deliver comprehensive email threat protection
Protects against phishing, malware, ransomware, and other sophisticated, email-borne threats. Email Gateway Defense includes gateway protection, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), encryption, archiving, and cloud-to-cloud data protection.
Ensure business continuity
Email Continuity ensures that email can still be delivered during email outages or loss of connectivity. Email operations continue by failing over to a cloud-based email service in the event primary email services become unavailable.
Protect customers from advanced attacks
Advanced Threat Protection, an important protection layer is a cloud-hosted scanning engine which combines behavioral, heuristic, and sandboxing technologies. This ensures our customers are protected against zero-hour, targeted attacks and ransomware variants like Locky and CryptoLocker. It automatically scans email attachments in real time; suspicious attachments are detonated in a sandbox environment to observe behavior. Link protection redirects suspicious and typosquatted URLs to protect email recipients against inadvertent malware downloads.
Outbound Data Leak Protection
By scanning all outbound messages, you can ensure that each email leaving is legitimate, virus -free, and does not leak private or sensitive information.

For healthcare providers, governmental agencies, and other entities who need to protect private, sensitive, and valuable information communicated via email; our Email Protection solution provides Data Leak Prevention (DLP) feature using email encryption. DLP enables your organization to satisfy email compliance filtering for corporate policies and government regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

Key Features

Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing and Cyber Fraud Defense

Advanced, targeted cyberattacks such as spear phishing leverages sophisticated social engineering designed to bypass traditional email gateway security and to entice users to act on the malicious link. To combat advanced cyberthreats, we employed artificial intelligence technology to detect and block these attacks in real time by learning your users’ unique communication patterns and identifies anomalies in metadata and content.

Using this intelligence, our service determines whether a certain email is part of a spear phishing attack and quarantines the attack in real time and alerts the user.

Domain Fraud Visibility and Protection

Protect your business from domain spoofing and brand hijacking. DMARC is a protocol that allows LBT Technology Group to monitor emails sent from your domain. Once DMARC is properly configured, we offer granular visibility and analysis to help ensure deliverability of legitimate email traffic and prevent unauthorized activity such as spoofed emails.

Email Authentication
Domain Authentication

Protection Against Account Takeover and Insider Risk

Corporate account takeover presents a significant new threat to businesses. Hackers gain access to corporate email accounts through stolen credentials and use them to launch subsequent targeted attacks, internally and against external targets. To protect against these types of attacks, you need comprehensive email protection that can prevent, detect, and remediate--Email Protection offers just that. Our multi-layered solution ensures that your business data, users, and devices are protected.

LBT Technology Group's offering of this solution combines powerful layers of artificial intelligence, and domain fraud visibility, into a comprehensive cloud-based solution that guards against spear phishing, impersonation attempts, business email compromise (BEC), and cyber fraud. With it, we can protect your business from these personalized attacks in real time, with zero impact on network performance.

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