Recover Quickly From Any Disaster

Recover Quickly From Any Disaster

Making Sure Your Business Is Ready for Anything

You’ve seen disasters in the news that could be fatal to your business. They range from unforeseen natural disasters — like severe weather, flooding, wildfires, or an earthquake — to man-made disasters like ransomware and simple human error. You hope it doesn’t happen to you, but hope is not enough.

You need a strong backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan to keep your organization up and running, no matter what. A complete BDR plan addresses business issues, such as work-at-home contingencies for employees who can’t go into the office, as well as IT issues such as how to restore inoperable computer systems and prevent business interruption. Otherwise, you risk the loss of sales, loss of customers, and ultimately the loss of your business.

When a server suffers a fatal crash, is compromised in a cyberattack, or burns to a crisp in a fire, you need more than just backup. You need a solution that lets you get back in business quickly.

Many businesses can’t hire experienced, dedicated disaster recovery personnel or invest in elaborate off-site recovery facilities. But they can have an effective BDR process by working with a managed risk & support firm that provides access to a modern, cloud-based BDR solution — also known as disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Modern BDR solutions enable very fast restores when compared with traditional backup solutions, partly by taking advantage of DRaaS.

Beyond the Myths: A Complete Cloud BDR Solution

We offer BDR services in partnership with Datto, a specialist in cloud BDR for businesses of any size. We provide deep knowledge of your business and ongoing, attentive service. They provide the scalable cloud infrastructure specifically designed for BDR, as well as the software to be installed locally.

Together, we construct and maintain a reliable and cost-effective safety net for your business.

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If you want your business to be resilient, you need a BDR plan grounded in reality. You can’t afford to be misled by myths and misconceptions, or a false sense of security. You need a strategic and technical partner who is committed to giving you the insight and direction you want to implement the BDR plan you need. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you plan and execute growth, and not break along the way.

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Client Stories
“LBT Technology Group helped us migrate our email to Office 365 seamlessly. Our employees didn't miss a beat during the entire process. If you have a desire to move your email to Office 365, we recommend consulting LBT Technology Group for a smooth transition.”
Felix Saunders

Felix Saunders President

“We were recommended LBT Technology Group by one of our business neighbors after our server was hit with ransomware. They were able to recover much of our files and now provide us with a reliable backup program. LBT was able to save us from what could have been the cause of us closing our doors for good.”
Cindy Soar

Cindy Soar Program Director

"As a small business, LBT Technology Group was able to implement the services and solutions required to meet our day-to-day business needs. They have been very responsive to any IT problems we have big or small."
Kelli Millian

Kelli Millian Office Manager

"It has been a pleasure working with the team at LBT. Although apprehensive to partner with a group outside of our organization, it became immediately clear we made the right decision to work the LBT Technology Group. They were able to identify and fill gaps in our technology we didn't know existed."
William Keen

William Keen IT Manager

"It was a pleasure working with LBT Technology Group during our time of panic. When we were forced to go 100% remote at the beginning of the pandemic, LBT was able to get all of our employees connected and working from home in a matter of hours. We are very thankful for the team's hard work."

Dan Parsons Director of Operations

"We are a small startup non-profit organization and LBT helped us create a great foundation for our technology. After assessing our needs, they recommended productive and collaborative tools we will grow into and not out of."

Jasmine Yule Founder

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